Online Entrepeneurial Negotiations Course

6-Week Online Entrepreneurial Negotiations Course with MIT Professor Larry Susskind

Did you know there is a field of entrepreneurial negotiation?

MIT has helped found this discipline and is excited to offer Entrepreneurial Negotiations (ENx)

worldwide via EDx.

The online course, taught in English, is 6 weeks long and requires a 4-5 hour per week commitment.

ENx is slated to start February 5, 2018. ENx is comprised of video lectures,

insights from leading entrepreneurs on the importance of negotiation and how to avoid their failures,

and also includes real-time negotiations and simulations.

We welcome you to watch the introductory video at

If your organization or company would like to register its interest in offering the course to at least 10 of its people,

please fill out this survey:

By registering your interest, you will lock in the price at $99USD per person,

less than 25 % of the original cost!  

A formal registration link with payment details will follow after initial interest is noted.

Registration closes November 30, 2017.

Cristina Logg, ENx Coordinator

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
C: 650.444.1986 |