Baptiste Bouvier & David Fairman: The potential for AI to support the field of negotiation

The potential for AI to support the field of negotiation
Baptiste Bouvier & David Fairman
Monday, June 5, 2023
7:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Baptiste and David will be delivering a talk on the potential for Artificial Intelligence (AI) to support the field of negotiation. They believe that while technology has clear risks that must be mitigated, there are some exciting possibilities worth exploring. In a world with an incredible amount of information, too much for humans to process, algorithms will soon have the ability to step in and provide clarity for negotiation processes, to better support negotiators. The webinar will start with an explanation of the underlying technology (e.g., machine learning, ChatGPT), before diving into a discussion on some of the most promising use cases (e.g., brainstorming options, automated generation of documents, social media analysis).

Baptiste Bouvier is the founder of diploAI, a startup that uses artificial intelligence and advanced technologies like ChatGPT to support governments with their negotiation processes. With a primary focus on climate change issues for Pacific Island states, diploAI helps government ministries by automating the synthesis and summarization of documents, producing concise briefs, reports, and negotiation talking points. Baptiste studied Computer Science and International Relations at MIT and Oxford. Besides research at MIT in machine learning and negotiation, he has taught negotiation to undergraduate students at MIT, and to MBA students at the Asia School of Business, drawing from his own research in the field. Prior to founding diploAI, Baptiste worked in the private sector at companies like Facebook and Microsoft.

David Fairman has been the Managing Director at the Consensus Building Institute for many years, and is Associate Director of the MIT-Harvard Public Disputes Program. For 34 years, he has built consensus and enhanced collaboration capacity on complex public and organizational issues internationally and in the U.S. His primary focus is building effective multi-stakeholder partnerships, organizational strategies, and dispute resolution systems to meet challenges of sustainable development.