Second Water Diplomacy Workshop


The Second Water Diplomacy Workshop (WDW) will be co-taught by Lawrence Susskind from June 24-29, 2012. 

Please look at the Water Diplomacy Workshop website for a full description 

Last year, 32 water professionals from 17 different countries were involved, including a number of very senior governmental, private sector and NGO leaders from the Middle East, South Asia and Latin America.

 This is one-week train-the-trainer event aimed at building a global network of reflective water professionals who are not only familiar with the theory and practice of water diplomacy but who can teach these key ideas and methods to others in their own countries and organizations.Through a highly interactive hands-on program, involving a new multiparty negotiation role play simulation, water professionals and community leaders  learn how to manage all kinds of water networks more effectively and resolve water conflicts. Focus is also on all kinds of transboundary disputes, not just those that cross international lines.

The second WDW will be held June 24 – June 29, 2011 at SwissNex (the home of our co-sponsor, the Swiss Consulate) near Harvard Square (420 Broadway Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA). Space is limited. The fee for the workshop is $2,950. Limited sponsorships are available for qualified participants from developing countries. Co-sponsoring organizations get special benefits, so please consider becoming a co-sponsor. Applications are due on line by March 15, 2011.