Alexandra van Selm

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Huidige positie: Directeur Beleid en plaatsvervangend Algemeen Secretaris bij de SER


Background: Alexandra van Selm is Policy Director and Deputy Secretary-General at the Social and Economic Council of the Netherlands (SER). The SER is one of the main advisory bodies of the Dutch government and consists of employers' representatives, union representatives and independent experts. Alexandra oversees the SER’s policy and implementation work undertaken in the different programs. She has spearheaded the use of the Mutual Gains Approach in the SER for the past ten years. Previously, she was Program Director for international Responsible Business Conduct, Deputy Director of Social Affairs and Senior Policy Officer in the Department of Economic Affairs at the SER and worked as an advisor to the Netherlands National Contact Point of the OECD guidelines. Before she joined the SER, Alexandra worked in the area of sustainable business and sustainable development from a variety of perspectives at ECORYS-NEI, the World Bank, and UNDP in China. She holds a MSc in Economics and a BA in Politics, Philosophy and Economics.