Kees Kapteijn

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Huidige positie: programmamanager bij de gemeente Krimpenerwaard

Achtergrond: Since 1st of September 2020, Kees works as Program Manager Krimpenerwaard. Before, Kees worked since 2007 at APPM Management Consultants. Experienced and skilled in complex projects especially in spatial development and planning, both city and rural development, redevelopment of inner cities, reconstruction of industrial zones, railwaystations/zones, where both public and/or private partners need to collaborate. 'Managing co-operation' starts with bringing together interests. Since corporate interests can affect the process and project results, both in positive or negative way, managing a co-operation demands different skills and an independent position to achieve optimal results. As a processmanager, Kees is only satisfied with results 'that matter'.

In the years before APPM, Kees was responsible at the Assembly of Dutch Provinces, as processmanager for the Investment Budget for Rural Development, which was in fact a large decentralization programme from the State towards the twelve Provinces.